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An Outstanding Experience
At Studio Jaxx, I thrive on providing each and every client who walks through the doors the best possible service I can offer. That’s why I have some basic policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their Studio Jaxx experience.
​Studio Jaxx does not tolerate any discriminations of any type. I support all of my clients lives and their decisions on how to live just that (their life) I ask the respect of all my clients to keep Studio Jaxx a safe place for all.
Studio Jaxx is a hairstylist located in Calgary, Alberta.
​With respects to Studio Jaxx, I have set some policies that will keep everyone healthy, happy, and with no confusion on how I operate my business.​
  • Please book in advanced (online, or via email), as I operate via appointment only. 
  • If you must reschedule//cancel your appointment please do so within 48hrs out of respect for Studio Jaxx and her schedule, or you can be subjected to a cancellation fee (Please See Cancelation Policy)
  • Please arrive on time for your service, (Please See Late Policy) Studio Jaxx gives buffer times in-between for sanitization of the Studio, and Equipment for the safety of clients, and other stylists.
​Cancellation Policy:
Any hair appointment cancellation or no shows are subjected to a 50% charge of what the original booked service total would of been. This will either be charged via credit card or before booking a future appointment.
If three consecutively missed/cancelled or rescheduled within the 24hr mark Studio Jaxx has the right to decline any future desired appointments.​
Late Policy:
If you are running behind for your service, please contact Studio Jaxx with plenty of notice.
If your are late by 15 mins or more Studio Jaxx may not have time to accomplish the entirety of the full service.
If you are later than 30 mins or more (and service is still possible) client will be subjected to a $30.00 late fee.
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